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... MOSCOW 2017 (N) SHENZHEN WARMSHINE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Китай Shenzhen WarmShine Technology Co., Ltd is a professional LED manufacturer. Founded in 2016, is a brand new high-tech company which is focus on R&D and producing of LED lighting fixture. Based on ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 system, we are offering our customers with high quality LED indoor outdoor lighting, LED automobile lighting m ...

... the quality, innovation, concentration, double win . WarmShine is gathering a professional QC, R&D team whom are rich in experience of technique & administration as it`s core power. Some of them are focus on LED area for more than 12 years. We have 2000 square meters workshop, experienced staff, most advanced produce & inspection equipment imported from Japan, USA. All of our products passed the ...

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Shenzhen Yuejiang Technology

... Shenzhen Yuejiang Technology FSpgrHpncOko, ё, 522; ММСО 2017 (ё) Shenzhen Yuejiang Technology Co.,Ltd Dobot is a high-tech company which focus on desktop-level Robotic Arm. Last year our fisrt Dobot 1.0 launched on Kickstarter .More than 1200 sets have been sold within 50 days,finally 1170% funded. With multiple functions, high precisi ...

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Shenzhen Taike Biotechnology

... solutions for food thickeners & stabilizer throughout China and worldwide as thus interchange helps us to explore and form more creative solutions for customers` needs. We are committed to being stay focused and receptive at the same time so that we can provide the best solutions to you. Бренды Taike Агар-агар ...

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... N ROAD, NANTOU STREET, NANSHAN DISTRICT, SHENZHEN, CHINA ТЕЛЕФОН: 0755-26526845 SALES@SVI-TECH.COM.CN КОНТАКТНОЕ ЛИЦО: GEM JIANG www.SVI-TECH.COM.CN SVI Technology is one stop solution provider, focused on delivering digital media content services to telecommunication operators. Supported by a team of international telecoms experts, SVI has deployed OTT solutions in more than 30 countries, su ...

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... ays keeping very kind relationship with many big brand cells factories and research institutes in China, we have been enjoying high reputation in battery market domestically and internationally. We focus on different brand R&D researching and manufacturing batteries in China, which include new moulds opening, injection molding, new products development. With professional manufacturing plants, ...

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... M, LIMW888@126.COM КОНТАКТНОЕ ЛИЦО: YOLKINJON NIZAMKHODJAEV, LI MINGWEI www.STARTEL-ELECTRONIC.COM Shenzhen Star Tel Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech corporation, in Shenzhen Guangzhou China. We focus on R&D of Digital Video broadcast (DVB), Satellite system device and satellite accessories. All our team members are with many years of experience in software development and hardware design. Ou ...

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Shijiazhuang Hejia Chemical Products

... ufacturer of green ingredients in China, Shijiazhuang Hejia Chemical Products Co , ltd has been specialized in developing, manufacturing & sales of personal & home care raw materials over 20 years We focused on providing principally ingredients, additives and system solutions for every respected customer all around the world Welcome to visit our booth at 13C-4! Новинки компании Alkyl Polyglycosid ...

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Skin Care Company

... oducts Through its well equipped R & D facilities, Skincare has been able to establish itself as an innovative organization The research team of Skincare consists of chemists and scientists and their focus is on product development using natural ingredients In addition to product research, Skincare strongly believes in market research as well All the product development is done based on consumer i ...

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... ация: Design, manufacture, sale of the aged care products. Trade mark: JIU JIU YAN YANG Kanghui was established in March 2000, with the registered capital of RMB12 million. Kanghui manufacturing is focusing on Class I and Class II medical equipments. It is a private owned company. The factory is over 36,000 square meters and the employee number is over 150. Kanghui has got CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 1 ...

... the less abled people more convenient in their daily life to help build their confdence. Kanghui was established in March 2000, with the registered capital of RMB12 million. Kanghui manufacturing is focusing on Class I and Class II medical equipments. It is a private owned company. The factory is over 36,000 square meters and the employee number is over 150. Kanghui has got CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 1 ...

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Tire Okce

... kce Ool, n, 490; МОСШУЗ Март 2017 (n) Tire Okce Tire Okce founded in 1971 in Izmir. Tire Okce began production with heels in 1971 and began production sole in 1999. We focus on the development of our brand through continuous innovation, original solutions and the quality of footwear sub-industry in Turkey,in Europe and the Middle East. ...

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